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XP Codec Pack : Download it and enjoy your multimedia experience! > Tools > CD/DVD Utilities > CDCheck

  CDCheck 3.1.14
Updated: 4 Oct 2008 | Freeware | 1.48MB | Downloads: 25776
Reviews [2]
CDCheck is a utility for the prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files on CD-ROMs with an emphasis on error detection.

Download CDCheck

With CDCheck you can check your CDs and discover which files are corrupted. By using the program proactively, you can insure that your data on CD-ROMs are safe -- before it's too late! CDCheck provides the following features: readability verification, binary compare, CRC file creation (and verification) and file recovery.

Features of CDCheck 3.1.14 :

- easy creation of hash files: You can create hash file by simply selecting the file/directory/volume, clicking on hash and confirming given hash setup.
- supports all popular hashes and hash file formats: Supports MD2, MD5, CRC-32, SHA and many more hashes and md5, sfv and crc hash file formats.
- easy checking of files, directories and volumes: Checking can be accomplished by simply selecting the file/directory/volume, clicking on Check and confirming given Check setup.
- automatic detection of hash files during checking: If hash files are in default hash path they are automatically detected and used during checking. There is no need to manually pick the hash file. When multiple hashes are present the newest ones are used.
- fast binary compare of files, directories and volumes: Compare is performed binary (bit by bit) and is optimized for simultaneous reading of two different sources. It outperforms majority of comparing software available.
Test results:
Comparing disk to CD: CDCheck 2:38, Windows fc 3:25, Test Path 10:34, burnc 2:39.
Comparing CD to CD: CDCheck 3:32, burnc 5:34.
- audio support: Audio CDs behave like CDs with .wav files. You can create hashes, compare it, check it or recover it.
- easy recovery: Recovery can be accomplished by simply selecting the file/directory/volume, clicking on Recover and confirming given Recover setup. For those that wish some additional control over recovery there are Advanced options to fine tune the setup.
- supports Unicode file access: You do not have to worry if files/directories with strange names can be checked. CDCheck supports Unicode file access that can work with all file/directory names. For operating systems not supporting Unicode file access (Win95,98,ME) efforts were made to ensure reading of most (if not all) files is possible.
- supports large volumes and files (>4GB): Processing (checking, hashing...) can be performed on volumes and files larger than 4GB (limit of many programs).
- detailed error reporting: Errors are reported in real time with filename where error was encountered and exact error message provided by the operating system or driver. All errors are accompanied with error code and error type. They are also colored depending on the error type for quicker overview.
- detailed statistics: During work of a given process (checking, hashing...) statistics as numbers of files/directories processed, elapsed time, average transfer rate... are reported in real time.
- custom sound settings: You can set different sounds for process completion, errors...
- one-less-click: By setting an option or holding shift down you can skip process setup confirmation.
- multi language support: CDCheck is translated to many languages.
- CD/DVD Info: Complete information about CD/DVD media is provided including manufacturer, ATIP/ID code, type, capacity...
- stability: A lot of effort goes to stability of CDCheck. Before each final release the software is tested through many beta versions. All reported bugs are resolved and fixes tested.

Important Notes :

- By purchasing a license you are stimulating further development and maintainance of CDCheck.
- If you decide not to purchase a license, you should request Free license from CDCheck ONLINE! (you must register as CDCheck ONLINE! user, activate account, login to CDCheck ONLINE! repository and request free license).

Changes in CDCheck 3.1.13 :

- Recovery process can now be terminated or paused between retries of reading a sector
- ';' character now valid as comment character for .md5 files
- disc label showing fixed on DVR-A08 and maybe some other devices when using CDChek eject/load function
- faster displaying of CDInfo
- small fix in ISO compliance

• Related downloads:
- IsoPuzzle: is a data recovery utility for damaged / scratched DVDs and data CDs.
- dvdisaster: provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD media caused by aging or scratches.
- DeGlitch: is designed to detect and correct isolated bad samples in digital audio files caused by ripping damaged CDs...
- Nero CD-DVD Speed: is a benchmark which can test the most important features of an optical drive.

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