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XP Codec Pack : Download it and enjoy your multimedia experience! > Tools > Media Players > MPlayer GUI

  MPlayer GUI 1.0 rc1
Updated: 4 Dec 2006 | Freeware | 5.21MB | Downloads: 102554
Reviews [7]
MPUI is an easy-to-use Windows frontend for MPlayer - one of the best media player application of the world.

Download MPlayer GUI

It is almost strictly monolithic, which means that it mainly consists of a single 7 MB executable that already contains all necessary codecs – for most files, it does not need any external codecs to be installed.

The roots of MPlayer are in the Unix environment, and it shows in the way MPlayer is used: There is no graphical user interface, or at least none worth mentioning. Instead, MPlayer completely relies on a well-crafted command line interface and powerful keyboard shortcuts. While this is perfectly OK for Unix enthusiasts, Mac and Windows users prefer nice and more or less colorful graphical interfaces.

This is where MPUI comes into play. It is a small program that takes the command-line hassle off you. Instead, you will get a no-frills, straight-to-the-point GUI that resembles the venerable Windows Media Player 6. It does not support every feature of MPlayer – there are just too many of them – but it is a solid "workhorse" media player tool suitable for most, if not all, everyday needs.

Features of MPUI 1.2 :

MPlayer and MPUI, when teamed up, offer the following features:
- A media player with a clean and simple interface.
- Plays hundreds of different video and audio formats, including MPEG-1, -2 and -4 (DivX), H.264, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and AAC. For most media files, no additional codecs are needed. (This is because MPlayer is not one of the uncounted DirectShow players – the codecs are directly integrated into MPlayer.exe.)
- MPUI and MPlayer together are just about 3.5 MB in size.
- The most important MPlayer options (aspect ratio, deinterlacing, and postprocessing) can be configured without typing in cryptic command-line options. (But if you want or need some non-standard options, you can still add them by hand.)
- Support for multiple audio and subtitle tracks on DVDs.
- Combines MPlayer's cool keyboard navigation with a mouse-controlled seekbar.
- Plays files, network streams and discs (such as (S)VCD or DVD). Drag&Drop supported.
- Multilingual user interface.
- No installation is required to use MPUI/MPlayer. Simply copy the two .exe files into a directory of your choice an run MPUI.
- Using a special autorun.inf file, self-playing DivX CDs can be made. This adds only 3.5 MB to your CD, and on the computer playing the disc, no codecs need to be installed.
- Both programs are free, licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Changes in MPUI 1.2 pre3.37 :

- compact mode startup now automatically fits the window size
- fullscreen and compact mode startup now activate the respective mode immediately, not when the first video is played
- screensaver is now reactivated if quit occurs from fullscreen mode
- added .mp4, .m4v, .mp4v and .mp4a to the autoplay detection list
- "Pause" menu item and Pause multimedia key are now working properly
- fixed some issues with the Mute state
- language options setting is now synchronized with the menu language setting
- fullscreen controls will no longer be deactivated while the mouse is still in the control bar area
- fullscreen controls now include the status bar ... I don't like it that way, but it has been requested quite often, so here it is
- seeking via the seekbar doesn't leave pause mode [partly by MuldeR]
- the "press ESC" message will not be shown between clips [MuldeR]
- resizing the window while no video is playing doesn't switch to "any size"
- new parameters: '-loop', '-topmost', '-noopen' [MuldeR]
- EasyMove now adapts to the correct cursor [MuldeR]
- MPUI priority will now always be one point above MPlayer priority to avoid problems if high CPU load occurs [MuldeR]

Changes in MPUI :

- shuffle mode is truly random now
- updated Ukrainian and Japanese translation, added Dutch translation

Important Note :

- Danish is the default language of the MPUI 1.2 pre3.37. To change it, click on the 4th tab, select Sprog and chose your language.

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- MPlayer Frontend: is a full-featured frontend for the gratest media player ever, MPlayer.
- Media Player Classic: looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has many additional features.
- Zoom Player: is a robust Media and DVD Front-End Player.
- VLC (VideoLAN Client): is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
- The Core Media Player: is a complete multimedia player that is capable of playing virtually every multi-media audio and video format.
- ALShow: is the easiest movie player on the Internet. With codecs already built in, its the only download you'll ever need!

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