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XP Codec Pack : Download it and enjoy your multimedia experience! > Video Codecs > ReClock Filter

  ReClock DirectShow Filter beta
Updated: 14 Aug 2009 | Freeware | 2.32MB | Downloads: 84717
Reviews [5]
The purpose of ReClock is to definitely get rid of jerky playback of AVI and MPEG material on a PC (or a PC connected to a TV). It's a DirectShow filter which is loaded in place of the default directsound audio renderer.

Download ReClock Filter

It provides a new reference clock that is locked to the video card hardware clock, in order to ensure that frames are played at the exact speed of what is expected by the video card vertical sync.
ReClock also provides a frame rate adaptator for media files that do not match a multiple of the video card refresh rate (ex: playback of 23,976fps IVTC NTSC on a PAL TV).
Finally it is an audio renderer with hardware or software rate adaptation in real-time, multi-channel audio, and dynamic range compression capabilities.

Known problems and issues in ReClock DirectShow Filter 1.7 :

- ReClock may not correct the good video clock for videocards with dual head capabilities or 2 RAMDACS (Matrox, GeForce4 MX, ...). If you have such a card, please read the readme for instructions
- On Windows 98, ReClock cannot always see that you change resolution of activate/desactivate TV-out while a video is playing. It is safer to quit your player before to do that, and relaunch it after.
- Graphedit cannot save a graph with ReClock when ReClock is selected as active reference clock
- Morgan Stream Switcher does not work with ReClock (won't load if ReClock is used)
- VSync correction and frame rate detection will not be possible when playback of DVD use DXVA mode

Changes in ReClock DirectShow Filter beta :

- New: Added support for PowerDVD 9
- New: Added support for PowerDVD 8 build 3017
- Change: Removed "Force ReClock to be loaded in PowerDVD" setting.
- Some fixes and improvements

Changes in ReClock DirectShow Filter 1.7 beta 9 :

- Change: Some tweaks to hardware detection
- Change: Expiry date changed to December 2008
- Change: Method triggering DisplayChange() if RunEvent.vbs returns 0
- Fix: AC3 encoder didn't work correctly, if hardware resampling was previously enabled
- Some fixes and improvements

Changes in ReClock DirectShow Filter 1.6 :

- you can now allow ReClock to load only with some players/applications. See advanced settings in config app
- the VBS notification script now receive the file name or the DVD mode if playing a DVD
- added a new audio renderer based on "kernel streaming". This renderer access directly your audio card using a WDM interface, and thus completely bypass Windows internal handling of audio that can alter sound quality (directsound resampling, etc...). See config app
- added an indication in "renderers infos" box that indicate if reclock did alter the audio bitstream (for example to resample, timestrech audio or modify dynamic range)
- the old low quality sound resampler has been replaced with a new one that can achieve much better quality. You can now choose between 4 resampling modes (low quality will use little CPU, higher quality will use more CPU). See config app
- audio time stretching support coming from WinDVD have been dropped, since ReClock now have builtin timestretching code that yields better audio quality and is more CPU efficient
- the audio compressor, resampler and timestreching code are now plugins (DLL) that are loaded by ReClock at startup. This is more GPL compliant since ReClock does not need a single line of GPL code to be compiled, and you can now alter those plugins using the source distribution given with ReClock
- you can now bypass the monitor detection in multi-head environnement. It can be automatic as in version 1.4 or you can force ReClock to think it is running on a specified monitor. See config app
- tray icon can be disabled with config app
- built-in framerate estimator is now compatible with Trimension DNM (WinDVD feature)
- improved builtin framerate estimator (less sensitive to cpu load, works better with NTSC DVD)
- added new choices in adaptation menu
- ReClock will no more display a crash dialog when the code responsible of the crash was not in ReClock itself (too many people associated those crashes with problems in ReClock). Crash data will be silently logged anyway, and error will be reported as if ReClock was not loaded
- fixed problem in video card detection at startup in multi-monitor config
- fixed bugs that would lead to a crash when video card detection goes wrong at startup or when resolution change
- fixed a bug in automatic monitor tracking (would not detect that the player window was dragged to another monitor)
- fixed a bug in refresh rate detection that could be false sometimes with some NVidia cards
- fixed a bug in crash situation when the crash dialog that would not always appear leaving the player in some zombie state
- fixed a bug in PCM 32 bits sound handling that would distort sound in some rare cases
- fixed a bug that could cause a crash if event notification was enabled and player was in disabled players list
- reduced dramatically memory footprint of ReClock especially when multichannel audio is played
- compiled with VS2005 and latest SDKs
- other various bugfixes

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- DivXG400: solves incompatibility with DivX, MPEG4, WM7, WM8 codecs and Matrox G400/G450 drivers.

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