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XP Codec Pack : Supported by > Tools > Digital Radio - TV > Winamp TV

  Winamp TV 1.9 beta 13
Updated: 20 Mar 2006 | Freeware | 344KB | Downloads: 21504
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Winamp TV is a plugin for Winamp that lets you control your TV tuner card from within the multimedia player.

Download Winamp TV

TV and FM radio channels are saved as small files which can be enqueued in a playlist, added to the music library or just played one by one.

To change a channel, you only have to change the track in Winamp: so you can arrange the channels any way you like, you can have Winamp or a general purpose plugin randomize them for you, or make different playlists with e.g. preferred selections of channels for the morning or evening.

Every channel has its own settings for the video adjustments, the TV system used, stereo/SAP audio and volume.

The plugin lets you run the sound of the TV or radio stations through Winamp's equalizer, DSP and output plugin. You can use this to get better sound, or to correct problems with a channel (using the automatic equalizer settings). The video can be output in a separate window with captioned or thin frame, or just attached to Winamp's video window.

Features of Winamp TV 1.9 :

- windowed, always-on-top or fullscreen playback, output in winamp's video window
- quick & full range frequency scan
- capture quality control
- changeable channel names, ability to make playlists of channels
- global volume, brightness, contrast, etc. settings and local adjustments for each channel
- TV system setting local for the channel
- uses winamp for channel selection, i.e. easily controlled by general purpose winamp plugins
- on-screen display with comprehensive menus
- comprehensive stereo support
- composite/s-video in support
- FM radio support
- hardware de-interlacing
- (not in lite) audio can be routed through WinAmp's visualization, EQ, DSP and output plugin
- supports PCI, USB and All-in-one TV tuners, video capture and VIVO cards
- (not in lite) supports digital satellite cards with BDA drivers, as well as SkyStar 2
- (not in lite) supports digital terrestrial cards with BDA drivers
- (not in lite) recording to AVI and MPEG-2 (third party encoders required)
- basic teletext support, will work once Microsoft fix their teletext filters

Changes in Winamp TV 1.9 beta 13 :

- (beta13) the aspect ratio of digital channels is now adjusted according to the data in the stream. There is also an option to allow overriding of the aspect ratio (i.e. the behaviour of the previous versions).
- (beta13/lite13) video pin selection is changed to offer two more choices: Automatic and No selection. The former lets the plugin make choice of video pin, and the latter can be used to get rid of the Smart Tee filter which was previously inserted in scenarios where a Preview pin was not available. Since the new Automatic option takes care of the most common scenarios, the new version will ignore the pin selection of previous versions and choose Automatic.
- (beta13/lite13) if the capture device does not offer video adjustments (brightness, contrast etc.), they can now be applied using the Video Mixing Renderer 9 (very useful for digital cards); adjustments are now applied without retuning for a much smoother operation; the tab name "Settings" was a bad choice, changed to "Adjustments".
(beta13) recording no longer stops when the something is changed in the configuration windows or if the video moves to another monitor. Unfortunately a limitation of the current graph architecture means that if the window is moved to another monitor the live video is lost until recording stops.
- (beta13) digital scanning is now available for network-provider-bypass mode. It doesn't yet work with the B2C2 devices (i.e. Technisat SkyStar 2 etc.), this feature will be added soon.
- (beta13/lite13) tooltips in the recording page and other small bugfixes.

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