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AVS Video Converter - an universal video converter

XP Codec Pack : Supported by > Tools > Mobile Devices > Winamp iPod Plugin

  Winamp iPod Plugin 2.04
Updated: 15 Apr 2007 | Freeware | 0.98MB | Downloads: 16251
Reviews [1]
Winamp iPod Plugin (aka ml_ipod) allows you to manage your iPod from Winamp Media Library.

Download Winamp iPod Plugin

It supports all kinds of iPods, from the classic first generation iPods, to the iPod shuffle and the latest models.

Changes in Winamp iPod Plugin 2.04

- new: autofill from chosen playlist (FR:1504490)
- new: save/restore to/from archive
- new: recover dead iPod even without archive (FR:1567840)
- new: German translation
- new: convert Winamp replaygain values to iPod Soundcheck values, this lets you use replaygain on your iPod!
- new: keep basic metadata (artist, title...) in transcoded tracks. Makes it easier to recover a dead iPod.
- new: playlist deletion with Del key
- new: playlist creation with Ins key
- new: automatically initialize factory new iPods (that don't have a iTunesDB yet)
- new: possibility to show lyrics embedded in AAC tracks by putting "[LY]" into the comment of the track (nasty workaround, I know)
- new: use deveject.exe for ejecting (only on NT/2000/XP)
- new: inhibit sync ratings on connect if Shift key is pressed while connecting
- new: inhibit database write during eject if Shift key is pressed
- new: hidden setting "videosBookmarkable": 1=all newly transferred, 2=all, 0=none default is 1
- new: name a formatted shuffle "iPod shuffle"
- new: disable some menuitems for shuffle
- new: hidden option podcastsFirstOnShuffle
- fixed: UTF8 for smart view names
- fixed: crash with 160 byte MHITs
- fixed: GUI layout issues with WA 5.34
- fixed: don't allow playlists on shuffle
- fixed: formatting shuffle
- fixed: prefs dialog went into background
- fixed: WA 5.33 broke *.aa metadata reading
- fixed: videos had no "movie flag" set in the iTunesDB
- fixed: empty albums are written with one space to the DB to work around another iPod FW bug
- fixed: files without tags are no longer removed during database cleanup
- fixed: crash in DB check if orphaned song is more than once in a playlist
- fixed: potential crash when deleting track from a playlist where it is listed twice or more
- fixed: calculation of gapless data with certain ID3 tag structures
- fixed: potential crash at startup with newest Winamp
- fixed: crash at Winamp close when audioscrobbler dll is used
- fixed: SPLs can not be refreshed during Winamp quit, no access to ML
- fixed: convert m3u8 playlists to ANSI
- fixed: unwanted reordering of MPL
- fixed: empty window shown after connect
- internal: use API call to enumerate playlists
- added two critical section objects in code to detect iPods at startup (should prevent crashes)

• Note:
- You can support the project by donating here.
• Related downloads:
- M4P input plugin (for Winamp2/5): allows you to associate M4P (iTunes MusicStore encrypted files) and M4B (protected Apple/Audible audiobooks) files with Winamp 2 or Winamp 5.
- MP4 Input Plugin (for Winamp2/5) decodes .MP4 and .M4A files as well as AAC, PS AAC and the newer HE ACC profile included in Nero 6.0.

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