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AVS Video Converter - an universal video converter

XP Codec Pack : Supported by > Tools > Digital Radio - TV > iuVCR

Updated: 7 Oct 2007 | Shareware | 1.56MB | Downloads: 26737
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iuVCR is a Windows XP/2000 (Windows 98 and Windows ME also supported but not recommended) intended universal video recording program supporting the new DirectShow standard for multimedia.

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Have a TV tuner or a video capture card installed on your Windows XP or 2000 system? Now you can easily record your favorite TV programs and videos in *.AVI or *.WMV format. iuVCR has got a simple and plain interface, allows to capture video of any format, resolution and duration, can automatically start when scheduled and has a number of other useful features.
There is a number of video capture programs in the world but the most of them work quite poor in Windows XP/2000, as a brand new multimedia technology called DirectShow is used there. The programs not using DirectShow give a rather middling result. iuVCR is a video recording DirectShow-based application. It uses the newest multimedia technologies developed by Microsoft corporation and ensures that you are getting the most from your video capture card.
As any DirectShow application, iuVCR allows to record *.AVI files of any size, overriding a file size limitation of 2GB inherent to old video capture programs. Using Windows 2000/XP and NTFS file system, you can record *.AVI files of size, limited only by your harddisk capacity. So, using iuVCR in conjunction with recommended hardware, you will be able to record with no frame loose long-lasting videos in any resolution with ease.

Rich filters set for realtime video processing :

- TimeStamp filter
- Motion detector filter
- Deinterlace filter
- Crop filter
- Histogram filter
- ImagePlus logo overlay filter by ECP-Soft company
- and others.

Note: Since version the Alparysoft Deinterlace filter by Alparysoft R&D company included into the native filters set.
AlparySoft about this:
The given technology is licensed by the company iuLab for use in the program iuVCR. The program iuVCR is intended for capture and compression of video. Since the version iuVCR the given program has built - in Alparysoft Deinterlace filter.

Main features of iuVCR 4.17 :

- IEEE 1394 devices support.
- TV channels tuning.
- Video capturing with frame size up to 768x576.
- Arbitrary choice frame size.
- Microsoft Windows Media Format support and Windows Media Encoder integration.
- Video stream preview during capture without frame size limitations.
- Most settings autostored in system registry.
- Integration with Windows scheduler.
- Splitting captured video stream to several files.
- Continuous capturing across several disk partitions.
- API for third-party remote control applications.
- Support for DirectShow filters for realtime video processing.

Changes in iuVCR :

- Fix for resolution changing combobox
- Improved iuDeinterlace and service filters versions

• Related downloads:
- AMCap: is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.
- Virtual VCR: is a small, free and versatile DirectShow video capture application designed to work with TV tuner and video capture cards that have WDM drivers.
- VH Screen Capture Driver: is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card and captures screen activity.

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