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K-Lite Codec Pack
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   x264 Video Codec rev. 1028 : Reviews Rating: 4.1 

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Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 967
Date: 11 Sep 2008 | Rating: 5 | Written by: lukas

very very good codec!!!

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 798
Date: 28 Mar 2008 | Rating: 5 | Written by: Anton

This is very, very good codec.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 736
Date: 29 Jan 2008 | Rating: 5 | Written by: renegadeviking

Better than Xvid. VFW version is unreal! The desktop shots look beautiful. Does jaggies from time to time, but 90% of the time I can't see jaggies at 313 kbps.

rev. 735

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 665
Date: 15 Jul 2007 | Rating: 5 | Written by: Vboy

The best codec. Earlier i used to use Xvid for iPod videos.Now i use H264 for encoding.A bit slow
than Xvid but quality is much superior. 2-Pass H264 gives the best quality by any codec.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 635
Date: 30 Mar 2007 | Rating: 5 | Written by: Yoones

Woooooooooooo The best Codec around world.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 536
Date: 17 Jul 2006 | Rating: 5 | Written by: jackie

should be the best codec now
compressibility is almost the best with a good avs and setting
color and visual quality can be tweaked with using a CQM and suitable setting
compatibility won't be a problem because of its advantages and source opening
de-blocking filter should be turned on forever because it helps increasing the compressibility and the only thing to do is to adjust it(from -3 to 3, or from -6 to 6 with ultra-low btirate)
speed is slow without doubt, but it should and it must bt slow
this codec is for next generational encoding
its speed won't be a problem
(in fact, it isn't so slow if not encoding a 720p stuff or something similar)

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 533
Date: 7 Jul 2006 | Rating: 4 | Written by: x264 Video Codec rev. 533

Slow as hell, even on the fastest machines! And that is the only problem I can think of. Other than that, the best codec out there, even at this stage.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 523
Date: 13 May 2006 | Rating: 1 | Written by: Phil

Too much "co", not enough "dec".

I'm no video geek - all I want is to get my machine to stop telling me it can't play these vids. This doesn't do that, or if it does I can't figure out how.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 468
Date: 15 Mar 2006 | Rating: 5 | Written by: NuPogodi

ATM, x264 does bit any other codec i've tested... Compressibility = 5, bitrate control at 2-pass encodings = 5, encoding speed = 3.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 440
Date: 25 Feb 2006 | Rating: 5 | Written by: hungryjoe

better quality than any other codec i've used, however the de-blocking filter gives many features a smeared appearance and should be turned off at any bit-rate. the codec default is to use de-blocking during encoding, the first thing you should do after installing is turn that feature off or adjust the strength and threshold to a level that doesn't make your video look like putty.

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 440
Date: 24 Feb 2006 | Rating: 3 | Written by: Otherworldly

I don't agree
it's a good one h.264 codec and it's free
gave me better contrast than XviD in reencoding some old videos

Reviews x264 Video Codec rev. 409
Date: 31 Jan 2006 | Rating: 1 | Written by: kenshin

Very problematic codec
compression size -ok-
color and compatibility -bad-


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