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DivX 7.2
Koepi's XviD Codec
DScaler MPEG Filters
DivX Free
OggDS / OGM Codec
Nic's XviD Codec
Ligos Indeo Codec

MPEG Layer-3 Codec
AC3 Filter
AC-3 Decompressor
CoreVorbis Decoder
LAME DirectShow Filter
LAME MP3 Encoder
Monkey's Audio
Vorbis Ogg ACM Codec

XP Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack
Satsuki Decoder Pack
Matroska Pack
Codec Pack All in 1
The Codecs
K-Lite Mega Codec
Cole2k Codec Pack

Real Alternative
Media Player Classic
DVD Audio Ripper
QuickTime Alternative
VLC (VideoLAN Client)

K-Lite Codec Pack
Real Alternative
K-Lite Mega Codec
Codec Pack All in 1
QuickTime Alternative
Media Player Classic
XP Codec Pack
LAME MP3 Encoder
AC3 Filter
Storm Codec
ACE Mega CodecS
DivX 7
Vista Codec Package
Nero Burning ROM
Koepi's XviD Codec
VoxWare Audio CoDec
DivX Free
VLC (VideoLAN Client)
Daemon Tools

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AVS Video Converter - a universal AVI to MPEG Converter, AVI to DVD Converter

XP Codec Pack : Download it and enjoy your multimedia experience!

Some useful guides, tutorials and articles

• Downloadable & External Guides [ Last Update: 14 Oct 2009 / 587 views ]
A page with guides available for download & links to other external guides.

How to capture images from movies using Media Player Classic [ Last Update: 15 May 2009 / 693 views ]
There is nothing more easy! Open the movie with Media Player Classic and choose...

Audio Codec Tags [ Last Update: 12 May 2006 / 1076 views ]
The list of most common audio tags and their corresponding codecs.

• What do you need to know about codecs [ Last Update: 19 Feb 2006 / 1430 views ]
Have you ever asked yourself "What a codec is?", "What's the difference between Lossy and Lossless codecs or Speech and Audio codecs?" and so on...?

• An easy way to play 3GP files [ Last Update: 11 Dec 2005 / 8345 views ]
3GP is a file format specially developed for 3rd generation mobile devices and based on the...

The easiest way(s) to capture images from Windows Media Player [ Last Update: 20 Oct 2005 / 552 views ]
Pressing the "Print Screen" key while playing a movie file in Windows Media Player will not allow you to save the current frame. However, you can do it...

CD Ripping / Encoding Guide [ Last Update: 11 Oct 2005 / 1635 views ]
Learn to rip your favorite songs from your favorite CDs, and encode those digital songs as high-quality MP3s, using CDex and LAME, the world's best MP3 encoder.

• How to play AC3 files, or AVI with AC3 audio? [ Last Update: 30 Aug 2005 / 2103 views ]
In order to play AC3 (Dolby Digital) files or DTS (Digital Theatre Surround) streams included in AVI/OGM/MKV files...

• How to fix Class not registered or 80040154 error [ Last Update: 25 Jun 2005 / 4649 views ]
"Class not registered" is one of the most annoying and frustrating error message I ever got because none of the video files can be played...

Fixes for MPEG4 videos [ Last Update: 14 May 2005 / 421 views ]
Remove blocky and smearing or bleeding effects.

How to Get the Codecs Downloaded Automatically to Windows Media Player [ Last Update: 11 Feb 2005 / 5832 views ]
The default settings do not allow for the download of the codecs but fixing it is quite simple.

VBR encoded MP3 files, advantages (and disadvantages?) [ Last Update: 16 Jan 2005 / 1029 views ]
With Variable Bit Rate MP3s, the encoder automatically detects which bit rate is most apropriate for the sound...

What Codecs Should I Use? [ Last Update: 11 Dec 2004 / 3149 views ]
You have downloaded a video or audio file and you are unable to open it or it does not play properly. This can be due to a simple reason: a missing codec.

Checking Installed VIDEO and AUDIO Codecs In Windows XP [ Last Update: 11 Dec 2004 / 3271 views ]
View your installed codecs in Windows XP without playing the guessing game.

How to fix divide error in module IVIAUDIO.AX at... [ Last Update: 8 Dec 2004 / 791 views ]
It exists in systems that have various Sound Blaster Live (Creative Labs) sound cards and WinDVD (InterVideo, Inc.) installed.

• DVD Digital Copy Protection (Madness) [ Last Update: 3 Dec 2004 / 1253 views ]
Or the dirty little secret of DVD; few interesting things about CSS, RCE, DVD Region Coding...

What´s the difference between decoding, encoding, recoding and transcoding? [ Last Update: 1 Dec 2004 / 579 views ]
See the exact difference between these terms.

How to (re)install Default Codecs in Windows XP/2000 [ Last Update: 27 Aug 2004 / 4601 views ]
Install Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec, IMA ADPCM Audio Codec and all default codecs.

Codecs Supported by Windows Media Player for Windows XP [ Last Update: 24 Jun 2004 / 1704 views ]
A list of codecs that are supported in Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec/filter files [ Last Update: 30 May 2004 / 11991 views ]
Install/uninstall DLL, AX files using command prompt.

• Adding and Removing Default Codecs (and MCI) in Windows 95/98/Me [ Last Update: 18 May 2004 / 1643 views ]
Removing and reinstalling a codec may solve problems playing a particular file type.

Four-Character Codes(FOURCC) [ Last Update: 4 Jan 2004 / 2448 views ]
A set of codes that are four characters in length, introduced to clearly identify video data stream formats. They also describe the format of the data itself.

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